The AllSome Story

AllSome is an ethical UK clothing brand focused on happiness, kindness and creativity


Why do we choose the clothes that we wear? Obviously, we want them to look good. But when you dig deeper, looking good makes us feel good. The AllSome mission, then, is to go one step further and make clothes that make you feel great.


Howdy! I’m Jim and I’m the face behind everything AllSome. I started the brand in 2020, after being made redundant, to add some colour and fun to the sustainable clothing market. After struggling to get T-Shirts made during the first Covid UK lockdown, I bought an embroidery machine and now embroider most of the products myself. Follow on Instagram or TikTok to see behind the scenes.

The clothing market is full of big brands selling cheap clothes made by underpaid workers in terrible conditions. Ethical brands are popping up but so many of them fit the same eco-brand stereotype of green/brown colour schemes and serious attitudes. I just want clothes that are people and planet friendly, fun and make you feel good. So I created AllSome 🙂


AllSome clothes have 3 aims:

  • They’re happy. Happy designs make for happy clothes and happier clothes = happier people 🙂
  • They’re kind. There’s a special kind of comfort that comes with knowing that your clothes are good for the planet and the people making them. Win-Win!
  • They have meaning. Every design has an emotion or a mini-story attached to it. If looking good can make you feel good, a cute jumper can make you feel cute and a chill tee can keep you chill 😎

These themes aren’t just for clothing design though. They form the basis of the 3 core values which are found in everything AllSome. They make what I like to call, The AllSome triangle (which is available on a tee)


Happiness and positivity are big themes in AllSome designs with the aim that they make you feel good. But the whole brand is about spreading joy; not just in the designs but everywhere that it exists. This is why I have a fortnightly newsletter full of positive or wholesome news, stories and videos. 🌞

Obviously, not every situation can be positive and it’s important to remember that. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t try to see the good and stay optimistic. So why not add some happiness to your life with a positive tee or sweatshirt?

A pink "Dead Happy" T-Shirt folded on a green background. The embroidered design has a smiling skull and text that reads "Dead Happy"
Bee better T-Shirt folded on top of a pink background. The T-Shirt has a printed design with a bee and the text "Bee Better"


Wholesomeness, kindness, “Don’t be a dick”-ness. These are simple ideas that most of us try to live by but a surprising amount of people in the world don’t seem to get them! Here are a few things I’m doing to try to be kinder:

  • Not being a dick to the people involved in making our clothes by ensuring they earn a fair wage.
  • Not being a dick to the planet by using sustainable fabrics and packaging
  • Not being a dick to you, the customer, by using safe, non-toxic materials and offering full transparency on where they’ve come from.

There’s also a collection dedicated to cute, kind and wholesome designs.


AllSome was started as a way to add more colour into the world; to create something different from the usual “eco-brands” by using vivid colours and lots of contrast. The main focus is on embroidered tees, sweatshirts and tote bags. While there are a few printed AllSome tees, embroidery adds an amazing 3D texture that printing just can’t reach.

To give everyone the opportunity to be creative, there’s the AllSome personalised collection. Design your own embroidered T-Shirt, sweatshirt or tote bag with any words you like. Even swearing is fine, just don’t be a dick!

A grey personalised sweatshirt folded on a blue background. The sweatshirt has embroidered text that reads "What will you write?"

Take a look at the AllSome Range of clothing