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Wholesome Heart

The Wholesome Heart collection is cute, kind and wholesome. It features a range of T-Shirts and Sweatshirts filled with cute animals, sassy catchphrases and wholesomeness. ? These are clothes designed to make you feel good without hurting the planet as they’re made with super soft combed organic cotton and shipped in recycled packaging.

  • Male model wearing a white embroidered hope T-Shirt in front of a blue background. The blackembroidery is a small outline of a left hand with crossed fingers
    Closeup of a black embroidered crossed fingers outline on a white T-Shirt.

    Hope Embroidered T-Shirt

  • Too glam to give a damn embroidered grey sweatshirt on a male model. He stands in front of a blue background.
    A male model wearing a small grey "Too glam to give a damn" dolphin sweatshirt. He is stood next to a stream

    Too Glam to Give a Damn Embroidered Sweatshirt

  • A closeup of the "Cute but fiesty" T-Shirt design which features a red panda and bamboo embroidery.
    Red Panda T-Shirt - Female Model

    Cute But Feisty Embroidered T-Shirt

  • Front of a Carpe Noctem T Shirt - Woman
    Seize the Night - Male Back

    Seize the Night (Glow in the dark) T-Shirt

  • Slow Down Turtle
    Slow Down Turtle - Closeup

    Slow Down Turtle Embroidered T-Shirt

  • A zoomed image of a woman wearing an embroidered dolphin T-Shirt. The tee says "Too glam to give a damn".
    Too Glam Dolphin T Shirt - Closeup

    Too Glam to Give a Damn Embroidered T-Shirt

  • Bee Better T Shirt - Closeup
    A closeup of a model wearing a printed "Bee Better" T-Shirt. The sun is reflecting off the tee

    Bee Better T-Shirt