Ethics and Sustainability

Being kinder

Kindness is one of the core themes of AllSome and a big part of that is my pledge to be ethical and sustainable in everything the brand does. This means choosing materials, packaging and processes that don’t hurt the planet or anything living on it. Here’s how:


All AllSome clothes are made from Continental’s EarthPositive range. These are 100% combed organic cotton certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and the Soil Association. You can read my post about organic cotton here or check out the following sites for some more info. (My post is much more interesting, just saying…)


Currently, embroidery production is split across two sources. Most of the designs are produced in-house which means that they’re made to order by me (woo, no waste!). The others, as well as our printed designs, are made at a U.K facility that’s passionate about sustainability. They use 100% renewable electricity which includes powering every light bulb, computer, and even the company vehicle!

In addition, I make sure that all printing is done with water-based inks. These look just as good as any plastic-based inks but are far better for the environment and, as an added bonus, feel so much softer.



I ship everything in custom printed boxes made from a minimum of 90% recycled cardboard and printed with water-based inks. Not only has the manufacturer recycled old products to make them, but you can recycle them again! Additionally, every time I purchase more boxes, I donate money to One Tree Planted who use it to plant new trees. Every product you buy is increasing the world’s tree population 🙂

A big part of sustainable delivery is cutting down on unnecessary packaging (take a hint Amazon) and soft clothing is great for this because there’s no risk of it breaking if the boxes aren’t over-packed. I love adding cute, coloured tissue paper and handwritten thank you cards to every order; and both of these things are recycled. However, I understand that some people will think of this as unnecessary so give you the choice of this optional packaging at checkout.

See the shipping and returns page for more information on shipping.


I want to make sure that I leave nothing out when it comes to sustainability efforts. So I’ve spent a long time sourcing the most eco-friendly shipping labels I can find. Just like the packaging boxes, I use recycled and recyclable materials in all shipping labels and their backing liner.

Unlike my labels, most of the eco-labels available come with a standard non-recycled backing liner. They allow companies to provide a recycled and recyclable product to customers. However, the companies dispose of the behind-the-scenes materials in general waste. All of our label materials contain recycled content so you can be sure that I’m doing everything I can to provide an earth-friendly service.